New Monthly addition: Bookstore Spotlight!

Happy Friday!

I’d like to announce a new addition to the lovely TMUF: an Indie Spotlight!

Once monthly we’ll highlight a particular store…going into their history, how they’re doing, great MG offerings – everything, kit and caboodle! This is intended to promote our lovely indies and all the good they do for our communities.

If you know of a particular indie you’d love to see spotlighted on TMUF, make sure and leave a comment!

Mixed Up Files member
  1. Apple Blossom Books in Oshkosh, WI has been wonderful to me as an author and if I lived closer to them, I’d be in their store daily! I’d love to see them profiled here.

  2. I’m back…could I add two more?

    In the Boston area: Porter Square Books ( and The Children’s Bookshop (

    Two wonderful stores. Porter Square Books has great atmosphere and a lovely display of books. Plus the staff went out of their way to help me whenever I went there. The Children’s Bookshop deals exclusively with children’s books and hosts many fantastic author events (the most recent with Suzanne Collins).

  3. Fire Petal Books is a new bookstore for kids in Centerville, UT. A great place!

  4. There are all kinds of great indie stores here in the SF Bay area, but one that I think deserves a lot more love than it gets is The Storyteller in Lafayette (Contra Costa County). It’s the only store I know of around here that’s ONLY children’s books (except for one small table in the center of the store).

  5. We have a terrific Indie in southern NH called Toadstool Bookshops. There are three shops, each very different in their own way, and just excellent places all around!
    Great idea for a feature!

  6. I can’t wait to read more about all these indie stores. Wow–one that welcomes your dog? Wow! I wish we had a dog-loving indie around here. We take my bullmasador out to breakfast, but have never found a store (other than a pet shop) that would welcome her.

    In FL, we have a great indie that hosts a lot of amazing author events.

  7. Amie, how sad that your town doesn’t have an independent bookstore. Come visit ours! Eagle Harbor Book Company on Bainbridge Island, WA is the island’s community bookstore. Great for browsing, talking to neighbors, going to author events, and of course buying books. They do tons of events for kids. Dogs are also welcomed. Check it out! Eagle Harbor Book Company

  8. “Oooooohhhhh!” yes, I agree with you, teachergirl. The Bookies is a dream store. Denver is also famous for its amazing Tattered Cover Book Stores but there’s one that not so many folks know about yet. It’s called The Bookery Nook and it’s in Northwest Denver. It has a lovely, peaceful atmosphere and they’ll even welcome your dog!

  9. The Bookies in Denver:

    Mention this store to a group of teachers, and they go “ooooooohhhhh!” It’s a good place.

  10. huh. we don’t have any indie bookstores in our town. there is a really smelly used book shop though. does that count?

  11. This is a cool idea. I can’t believe I didn’t think of it. Actually, I probably did think of it, but I have some many brilliant thoughts in my mind, none of them usually make it out. šŸ˜‰

  12. Rediscovered Bookshop in Boise, Idaho. Great store!!!

  13. Wonderful idea!

    I’m going to start with my own indie children’s bookstore: The Voracious Reader:

    Beautifully arranged, knowledgeable staff, AND their store is expanding!