Ruth Donnelly and Cathy Come On Down!!!

Ruth Donnelly and Cathy (posted July 3 at 11:29)

you’re the winners of Stephanie Greene’s newest middle grade novels,

Happy Birthday, Sophie Hartley


Princess Posey And The First Grade Parade.

Email with your contact information and I’ll mail you a signed copy of the book of your choice!

Thanks everyone for your great comments. There are some wonderful reading recommendations there!

Tami Lewis Brown
  1. Thanks so much! I’m very excited about winning a signed book! Interesting fact: my maiden name was Posey (yep, spelled the same way)!

  2. Congrats Ruth and Cathy!

  3. Cathy- I have your info and I’ll pop your book in the mail… and I’m emailing Stephanie with your comment right now. She’ll be thrilled that you’re thrilled!

  4. I actually jumped up and down when I read that I was a winner of one of Stephanie Greene’s newest novels. And after I explained why to my daughter sitting across the room, she actually stopped reading her Facebook wall and responded with “That’s COOL!”

    You bet it’s cool! Thank you!